About us

PGI MORAVA, limited liability company, was established on the 23th of April 1998. The headquarters of the company is in Slavičín, company´s production plant is in Rokytnice at Slavičín. The main branches of business include:

  • metal-working and locksmith production
  • processing rubber mixtures, plastic products
  • property watch, bodyguards
  • mediation and organisation of cleaning services
  • business agency and mediation

Currently, we are introducing production and distribution of  health and anti-decubital pads.

From the very beginning of our existence,  we have been employing  handicapped persons.  Presently,  our staff includes more than  80 per cent of  handicapped persons performing highly professional works. 

Machinery production:
The core production activity is machinery production (standard and CHC lathers, grinding and manual  finish of parts). A long-term objective of company´s management is  step-by-step replacement of  the  standard machinery by CNC machines. We have implemented  the blasting technology. 

Rubber  and plastic moulding:
Rubber and plastic moulding are another significant production sectors of our company. In this field, too, we aim to  introduce CNC moulding machinery. Our products are intended for machinery, automotive and food  industry, mining and civil engineering.

In line with company´s focus on employing handicapped persons, our scope of activity  include   property watching and cleaning services.  In all  business activities of our company, both service and production,  the emphasis is placed on quality and full satisfaction of  customer  requirements.

 For this reason, too, we have implemented  the quality management system  in compliance with ISO 9001:2000. The system certified by Lloyd’s Register Quality Assurance.