Rubber products

Currently, we are making more than 800 products for more than 170 customers in Czechia, Slovakia, Germany, France and Austria. Our product range includes various types of packing, rings, conduits, bushings, dust caps, pads, stops, silent blocks and fitting inserts, sealing elements and more. We supply parts for automotive industry, machinery, textile and food industry and mining: in series consisting of several parts up to million units a year. Additionally, we offer rubber-coating of metal and plastic parts. We process NR, SBR, NBR, HNBR, IIR, IR, EPDM, VMQ and FPM-based materials. For new parts, we make drawings of moulds and manufacture the mould. We offer co-operation in development of new products and propose design options (3D models, drawing documentation, materials, testing).

The quality of our products is monitored using a 3D SCOPE-CHECK 200 3D CNC optic device manufactured by WERTH.

Available machinery:

Standard multistage presses : pressing force ranging from 90 to 270 metric tons heat plate dimensions 400x400 mm and 800x800 mm
Injection moulding machines : most advanced REP and RIMM machines heat plate dimensions 320x400, 510x430, 530x600 mm pressing force ranging from 90 to 260 metric tons mould volume up to 2000 ccm


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