Our metal-working plant is equipped with CNC lathes guaranteeing top quality and high production accuracy. Other machinery systems are available for turning, drilling, grinding and milling (flat and round shapes).
Unit/small-series production can be carried out using standard metal-working machines.
We offer shaping on eccentric presses up to 63 metric tons, incl. tool-making.

Available machinery:

Goodway GLS 200 CNC lathes diameter 50 mm, length 3000 mm
Goodway GCL 2BL CNC lathes diameter 420 mm, length 500 mm
SUI 50, SUI 40, SV 18 lathes diameter 500 mm, length 1250 mm
BPH, BPV grinders working surface 400 x 250 mm
Milling machines processed product dimensions 700 x 250x 150 mm


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